Project Team for your Logistics & Support

All clients using GeoPlacer receive a Client Project Team and a Support Team at no extra charge. This means you can spend your time working on your project rather than organising your personnel.


  • You get a dedicated project support team to ensure all operations run smoothly.
  • This removes the logistical strain from mobilization.
  • Details on availability of personnel are always shown; ensuring cover and support for all.
  • Ensure you have wellsite geologists on your rig when required, and are flexible enough to get them off when they are not (saving cost).
  • 24/7 geological support service.
  • No cost for this additional service.


Your Client Project Team Ensures the best possible use of your time.

Operations Manager will oversee your project. This will be a highly experienced individual with global wellsite and operations geology experience.

A dedicated Operations Coordinator will manage all communications with clients and personnel during the project; ensuring that all work carried out is inline with your company-specific procedures.

Logistics Coordinator dedicated expert in the mobilization and movement of assigned personnel for projects.

Specific Geological Personnel will be selected for each of your projects. 


Your Support Team

Account Management - a dedicated account manager who can undertake to resolve any and all issues as they arise. Also provides support if required in software and other services offered by HRH.

Resourcing Team - to ensure the best possible consultants and staff are available for your project. GeoPlacer has the largest database of wellsite and operations geologists in the world.

Commercial Team - ensures all work complies with oil and gas regulations and tax and visa compliance.

Geological Support - 24/7 Gravitas software and geological support for all of our geologists from our office around the world.

Administrative Support - HR, accounting and commercial support is supplied.

Technical Support - provided 24/7 from our offices and on-call services.


GeoPlacer offers a wide range of services to aid your projects, including:

Blended Wellsite Geology Crews

Operations Geologists

Geologging – The Mudlogging Alternative

Develop Your Staff with Training & Mentoring

Simply register online and a member of the team will be available to help.

Looking For Candidates? provides a secure and innovative method of sourcing and performing competency evaluated searches for geological consultants and contractors.

Our unique system allows you to specify the skills and experiences essential to your upcoming projects. Based on your specifications, our purpose built algorithms will ensure that the most suitable candidates are identified.


Looking For a Job? provides an innovative platform for geologists to find consulting, contracting and permanent vacancies.

In addition to advertising your skills and experiences to operators globally, the GeoPlacer website allows you to plan and organise your working life, wherever you are.