About Geoplacer

Geoplacer is an HRH Geology brand which was launched in 2013 when we identified the need for a high quality geological manpower solution, which took advantage of modern methods of selection and processing. 

HRH Geology was formed in 1989 by a group of geologists who wanted to create a company which was inspired by geological excellence. Since the company's inception over 25 years ago, our aims have remained the same, and have been progressed by an in-depth understanding of the geology sector within the Oil and Gas industry. HRH now offers a full solution for Operations Geology including Gravitas the Integrated Operational Geology Software Suite with Winlog the world leading log drawing solution and Spectra a groundbreaking advanced gas analysis service. Added to this offering, HRH has provided Wellsite and Operations geology consultancy since 1989 and GeoPlacer is a natural extension of our offering. 

Through GeoPlacer, Oil and Gas operator clients can benefit from a bank of high quality geologists, who have been individually competency checked. The work calendars of selected prospects can be checked and new roles for projects can be added. Find out more here

Geologists seeking roles can be assured of the geological credentials of GeoPlacer through our history of activity in the industry. By registering their work history and uploading CVs to GeoPlacer, they can make themselves available to a host of new opportunities, and use the site to manage their careers. Find out more here 

As well as registering with GeoPlacer, you can also visit us at upcoming exhibitions and trade shows

Looking For Candidates?

GeoPlacer.com provides a secure and innovative method of sourcing and performing competency evaluated searches for geological consultants and contractors.

Our unique system allows you to specify the skills and experiences essential to your upcoming projects. Based on your specifications, our purpose built algorithms will ensure that the most suitable candidates are identified.


Looking For a Job?

GeoPlacer.com provides an innovative platform for geologists to find consulting, contracting and permanent vacancies.

In addition to advertising your skills and experiences to operators globally, the GeoPlacer website allows you to plan and organise your working life, wherever you are.